Older and historic homes are especially attractive with wood roofing shingles. Wood creates a warm, inviting look that enhances the beauty of many homes.

Some of Atlanta’s most beautiful homes have wood roofs, because variations in the color, width and thickness of wood shakes. No two shake roofs are alike. Roofing Enhancements offers wood shakes in cedar, pine, and cypress at an affordable price.

What is the Difference Between Wood Shakes and Wood Shingles?

The most common wood roofing is wood shakes. They are split from logs and reshaped by manufacturers for commercial use, and they are are thicker and split on both ends; generally one or both surfaces are split to obtain a textured effect.
Unlike other materials that require several underlying layers of insulation, a wooden roof is a perfect insulator. It can be installed with a thinner insulation system designed specifically for leaks.


  • Wood is very easy to repair or to replace
  • Wood absorbs less heat & helps conserve energy
  • Recyclable
  • Wind resistant
  • Resistant to moisture, UV rays, and insect damage
  • Enhances the structural strength of your roof
  • Adds resale value and style to your home